Warning: most navigation systems do not work properly in Gjirokastër and most Albanians don't use street names. Gjirokastër has a new town next to the highway and an old town, with all the major sights, 100 meters higher up. You can find us in the heart of the old town (pazar), right next to Kalemi 2 on Rruga Alqi Kondi. Google Maps is not very reliable, we advise using Maps.me in Albania.

In Gjirokastër

On foot: Buses leave you close to the round-about where the highway and the central boulevard of the new town meet. From here the old town is a short but steep walk up. Walk up 'Bulevardi 18 Shtatori' in the new town to another round-about (next to the football stadium). Take the road going up on the left side of the pharmacies (Laboviti st.). Turn left after 50 meters (you can see the castle straight ahead of you), when you've climbed this street for 300 meters you turn right at the crossing (with an Alqi Kondi street sign right in front of you), another 200 meters on this street and you're there.

Bus: To get from the new to the old town take a bus heading for 'Dunavat', 'Palorto' or 'Sh. Cerciz' (30 lek only). The buses leave from an area on 'Bulevardi 18 Shtatori' across the street from the Raiffeisen bank. It's slightly confusing, but these buses go down to the highway again and take another road up. Get off at Cerciz Topulli square in the old town (the square with a car parking and another Raiffeisen bank). Walk up the main road, take the first right, walk to the end of this little street and go right again, 100 meters down and you're there.

By car: The city center of old Gjirokaster (pazar) is now closed off for traffic!
Drive up Alqi Kondi street for about 400 meters until you get to a small parking area next to a big empty building on your right, park your car anywhere here. Walk the last 250 meters up the street to the hostel.

Taxi: A taxi from the new town to the old town should cost about 300-400 lek.

How to get to Gjirokastër

Bus: Tirana (4 hours), Saranda (1 hour) and all other big towns in the south of Albania have regular buses and minibuses going to Gjirokastër. There are also direct buses from the Greek cities of Athens, Ioannina, Thessaloniki, Kalambaka and Trikala with signs saying Argyrokastro (Αργυρόκαστρο).

Air: Tirana Aiport has good connnections these days with most European countries. WizzAir offers most connections and has cheap fares if booked in advance.

Corfu Airport is a good alternative. From spring untill autumn it has regular flights to many European cities. Corfu is a short boat ride from Saranda, from there it's another hour to Gjirokastër.

The airport of Ioannina is not very functional as it only has connections with Athens.