Gjirokastër and Drino Valley

Roaming the streets and little alleyways of Gjirokastër is already a treat on its own, but here are some of it's highlights:

The Castle: It's one of the biggest in the Balkans and a must-see in Gjirokastër. It has two interesting museums, beautiful views over the city and lots of weird dark spaces to get lost in.

Skenduli House: A personal favorite and the place to go if you want to know about life in the old days. The owner or his daughter will show you around in this fortress-like house of the year 1700.

Zekate House: Another perfect example of Albanian-Ottoman architecture. It's high up the hill, has beautifully decorated rooms and great views over the city.

The Elite-Bunker: Closed-of for the common man for decades, it's now possible to visit this dark reminder of Albania's communist past. This mini-underground-city is more than 80 meters underneath the castle and has a total length of over a kilometer. It has a built-in generator, water cistern, interrogationrooms and mutiple escape routes.

Local trips: The area around Gjirokastër has been inhabited for millenia and is blessed with both natural and cultural wonders. We've explored it thoroughly and like to show you the best sites. We organise 4WD and walking trips in the area. If you like to organise your own trip we are happy to give you suggestions and useful maps!